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Bathroom Safety Areas to Complement Walk-In Bathtubs

For many people who are interested in walk-in bathtub options for their home, one of the primary reasons for this interest is increased safety. On top of their numerous comfort-related amenities, walk-in tubs also offer several safety benefits, from grab bars and seated areas to slip-resistant floors and many other qualities.

At Tubzz, we’re proud to offer walk-in bathtub options for a wide variety of needs, including those looking to improve their safety and convenience while bathing. Whether this is for you or a loved one with mobility issues or other concerns, including those that come with aging, what are some other tactics you can take to improve the overall safety of your bathroom? Here are a few good areas to consider.

Floor Moisture Removal

One of the single largest risks for safety in the bathroom is the presence of moisture on the floor, especially on flooring types that hide it and make it tougher to see for many people. Particularly high-risk areas here include the areas between sinks and showers.

When these areas are wet, they become slippery and increase fall risks. Simply ensuring the area is dried regularly, including using the fan feature to help speed up evaporation, is one of the easiest ways to keep things a bit safer.

Lose the Rug

Down related lines, rugs in the bathroom generally aren’t a great idea if you’re promoting safety. Unless the rug is somehow stapled or attached to the floor, it will almost always be a risk to move around, increasing the possibility of a slip or fall.

If you’re looking for some kind of a mat or floor accent for the bathroom, you have alternatives at your disposal. Choose a nonslip mat or strip, of which there are many stylish options that improve the bathroom aesthetic without increasing slip risks.

Lighting Concerns

First and foremost, all bathrooms in a given home should contain proper lighting that illuminates the important areas, plus shows and water sitting on the floor that could pose a safety risk. In addition, you should prioritize ease of access to light switches, both inside the bathroom and within the pathway to it for anyone who struggles with movement. Making it easier for a senior loved one to access the bathroom at night with hallway nightlights and simple light switch locations can go a long way toward improving safety and limiting and risks.

Grab Bars and Assists

In addition to the grab bars and other convenience elements included in many walk-in tubs, you can install these same kinds of amenities in other areas of the bathroom. Ensure any bars or supports installed have the proper support and can handle the right amounts of weight.

For more on the kinds of bathroom safety areas you can look to in addition to a walk-in bathtub, or to learn about any of our free standing tubs or other bathtub services, speak to the staff at Tubzz today.



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