The LX Series of tubs offers 17 tubs in a variety of designs available as soaker, whirlpool, air and whirlpool/air combo tubs with a variety of upgrades including jetting systems, air systems, jet trim packages and many more. The LX Series of tubs include some common sizes as well as some of the more unique designs, larger water volume and custom jet configurations.

Avaiability: in stock


Tub Size: 77.5″ x 56″ x 21″

Bathing Well:   Length: 65″ top / 45″ bottom

Width: 46″ top / 37″ bottom

Depth at Overflow: 15″

Plumbed Weight: 150 lbs / 68.2 kg

Soaker Weight: 131 lbs / 59.5 kg

Average Fill: 95 gal to above jet level

Maximum Fill: 115 gal to overflow

Electrical Requirement: 1-20 amp/115 GFCI outlet

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