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Benefits of Silent Bathtub Jets

There can be a huge gap between high-quality jetted tubs and those of a lower quality, and one of the areas where this is most noticeable is noise. Some older or cheaper bathtub models create major noise when their pumps or other components come on, or their jets themselves create noise that’s unpleasant. 

At Tubzz, we’re here to ensure that noise is of no concern to you while you bathe. Our custom bathtub options feature jet choices that are completely silent, allowing you to bathe in peace and relaxation no matter what your bathing needs are. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some of the negative effects of noise – both physically and in terms of how they can impact your bathing experience. 

High Noise Effects

According to Noise Free America, the mental and physical impact of long-term exposure to certain levels of noise is significant. Any significant exposure of 65 decibels or greater can lead to issues, and even short periods of exposure to 80 decibels or higher can show effects also.

Generally, high levels of noise trigger the brain’s fight-or-flight system. This causes the nervous system to release cortisol and other chemicals into the bloodstream, and these chemicals aren’t healthy – they can up your risk of aggression, fatigue, headaches, cardiovascular disease, anxiety and various forms of mental illness. Noise is also known to exacerbate symptoms for people who have high levels of anxiety and stress already, even at far lower levels than those we listed above. Finally, noise is a major known cause of chronic fatigue. 

We’re talking about noise levels that are absolutely present with some tub models on the market today, by the way. If you’re a regular bather, you might not be getting the most out of your experience due to noisy equipment. 

Quiet Jets and Tub Use

All of the above, plus basic concepts of human desire, lead to the following simple fact: Tubs with quieter jets are more likely to be used by their owners given the additional benefits they offer. People who notice the best possible results from their tubs are going to use them more often – even if this is a subconscious thing. The brain absolutely bases its desires on factors you might not be consciously aware of, and if it’s consistently being bothered by noise levels in the tub, you may find that you simply have less desire to get in. 

Use and Cleanliness

And an unused tub leads to its own set of issues – cleanliness issues, that is. The jets in our tubs stay cleaner when they’re regularly used and water is flowing through them, meaning that if they were annoyingly noisy, it’d be a negative double-whammy: The noise would cause you to use them less, and this lack of use would cause them to get dirty faster. Good thing this isn’t an issue for us with our silent jets, and wont be an issue for you either. For more on how our silent tub jets benefit you, or to learn more about any of our luxury bathtub options, speak to the staff at Tubzz today. 



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