syllent pumps benefit bathtub
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How Syllent Pumps Benefit Your Bathtub

Within any water area where you desire bubbles, jets or other water movement, the pump used will be a vital consideration. Whether you’re purchasing a custom bathtub, a hot tub, a whirlpool or any number of other related options, the pump that comes along with it will play a big role in everything from noise and basic operation to comfort and hydrotherapy.

At Tubzz, some of our top recommendations when it comes to pumps for our hydrotherapy bathtubs are Syllent products. These pumps use revolutionary technology to create pumps that are both more efficient than other types and more beneficial in a few other major areas. Let’s look at what makes these pumps so high-quality.

How it Works

Instead of the traditional motor-pump that uses an electric motor with a cooling fan and pump attachment, Syllent pumps are a single unit with everything integrated into one. There’s no cooling fan needed, as the pump simply releases heat energy into the water itself – generating efficient heat for the water while keeping the motor cool.

Some other basic features of Syllent pumps:

  • Triple electric insulation
  • Automatic shut-off feature if no water is detected – a significant safety upgrade on other models
  • Worldwide certification
  • Self-draining pump
  • Constant water temperature is maintained
  • No need for external ventilation due to cooling design
  • IP68 protection from dust or submersion
  • Extremely energy efficient

Our next sections will look at a few of the primary benefits of these pumps in greater detail.


As we noted above, these products are extremely efficient. The simple fact that the pump will shut off when no water is detected makes it far more energy efficient than most others on its own – other pumps will keep using energy for no reason, while Syllent pumps won’t.

Beyond this, though, efficiency is the entire goal of this technology. The heat capture system used by Syllent pumps maximize every bit of heat, recirculating it into the water instead of pumping it out into the air and losing that efficiency. These products can cut your energy use for your tub by as much as 60 percent compared to a traditional pump-and-heater system.


Syllent pumps also last for years, primarily due to the IP68 standards they follow during manufacturing. This means they keep out all dust and moisture of any kind from the motor, even if it’s submerged in water. This includes electrical isolation and leak-proof designs. Many units last upwards of 10 years, and Syllent offers a two-year warranty as well.

Peace and Quiet

Maybe the biggest benefit for some of our clients? The silence. No one wants to take a bath with a loud, annoying motor running in the background sporadically – and that’s never an issue with Syllent pumps, which are far quieter than other models due to the lack of a cooling fan. You won’t even deal with hums or vibrations, just the calming serenity of your bathing experience.

For more on Syllent pumps or to learn about any of our custom or luxury bathtubs, speak to the staff at Tubzz today.



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