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Inward Vs Outward Swinging Walk-In Bathtub Doors

Whether you’re considering a walk-in tub for safety and health purposes or just to make you more comfortable, one of your first big decisions will be whether to choose doors that swing inward or outward. Important for everything from space concerns to safety and more, which direction your door swings has a few factors you should consider as you make your decision.

At Tubzz, our walk-in bathtubs come in a huge variety of options, with multiple series, colors, hydrotherapy and other elements available. Which kind of door is right for you when choosing your walk-in tub? Here are some pros and cons of each type that you can consider.

Inward Opening Doors

Of the two options, inward opening doors are the more popular choice today for walk-in tubs. As the name suggests, they hinge inward as the door opens, meaning no space outside the initial tub shape will be taken up for even a moment while you step in or out. There are a few benefits we’ve noted to inward opening doors:

  • Space: For those dealing with a smaller bathroom space, inward opening doors are often the first choice. They don’t require any space considerations besides the simple square footage needed, opening up lots of other space for storage, appliances and much more.
  • Lock: The lock on your inward swinging door is strong and reliable, and will not allow the tub to open accidentally. This prevents leaking and keeps you safe if you need to sit or otherwise change positions during bathing.
  • Pressure: To get a bit more specific here, full inward swinging door tubs will actually create water pressure against the door itself. This pressure will improve the door’s seal even beyond the measures we already put in place, bringing you double the security.

The primary downside of the inward opening door is the potential for slightly limited movement inside the tub itself. Swinging the door inside to open or close it may make movement in this vein a little more difficult, and those who have movement issues should ensure it’s not in their way before they purchase.

Outward Opening Doors

Outward opening doors, on the other hand, open out into the room and can take up more space. They bring the following pros:

  • In-tub navigation and movement is simple and easy, as the door never impacts your space in any way.
  • For those who use a wheelchair, walker or other movement device, outward opening doors are generally easier to use. They’re wheelchair-accessible and easy to link up with other devices as well.

At the same time, there are a couple negatives some people find in outward opening doors:

  • They take up more space in the bathroom, which might not be ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Unlike inward swinging door tubs, water doesn’t have to be completely drained for the door to open. This may lead to leaking and water damage if you aren’t careful.

For more on choosing between an inward or outward swinging walk-in bathtub door, or to learn about any of our other soaking or jetted tub options, speak to the staff at Tubzz today.



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