benefits purchasing bathtub liners
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Potential Benefits of Purchasing Bathtub Liners

At Tubzz, we’re your top source for any new bathtub, from our stand-alone bathtub options to our plumber series, LX series and even a wide array of walk-in tub options. We’re also your first stop for all bathtub-related expertise – we also sell and provide information on a number of bathtub accessories and custom systems, and we’re happy to do the same for you.

One area we’re regularly asked about is the potential purchase of a bathtub liner. A bathtub liner, generally a silicone or similar material that will stick to the tub’s floor and bring several specific benefits, is affordable and easy to use on many bathtub types. Let’s go over some of the potential benefits of utilizing a bathtub liner in any tub in your home.

Extending Lifespan

For starters, bathtub liners can significantly improve the lifespan of your tub in many cases. They protect the material in your tub from the kind of pressure and stress that often leads to cracking or other damage concerns – this often adds multiple years to the time period during which you’ll be able to utilize your tub. Especially if your bathing habits or tub placement have created issues in the past where you haven’t gotten the life you expected out of the tub, you may consider a liner.

Improving Safety

Not only does a bathtub liner help with keeping the space safe and undamaged, it also helps with personal safety and comfort while bathing. The chance of slipping and falling in a bathtub with a tub liner are far lower than those without – for many people who want this added protection but don’t want to take the larger step of converting to a walk-in tub, this can be a good middle ground.

If this kind of safety is a big priority for you in the tub, there are several liner types to choose from. Many will have detailed texture that keeps them resistant to slipping and falling – you can choose an individual liner for each tub in your home depending on who will be using it regularly.

Size and Color Choice

If you want to ensure you don’t ruin the aesthetic of your tub and bathroom as a whole, you’re in luck: There are a huge variety of colors and styles available for bathtub liners. You can easily match your liner to the tub or the room itself.

In addition, there are several different sizes of liners on the market. Which you choose will depend on the size of your tub – in certain oversized tub situations, you might even select multiple liners to ensure you cover the entire floor space.

For more on bathtub liners and how you might benefit from one, or to learn about any of our custom bathtub options, speak to the staff at Tubzz today.



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