Luxurious Soaking Tubs

Unwind in Total Luxury

Deeper than standard bathtubs, our soaking tubs in Utah can hold more water than the average freestanding or stand-alone tubs. These luxurious tubs allow you to submerge your body for the most relaxing bath time you’ve ever experienced. Our garden tubs can soothe your body, all the way from your neck to your toes.

Additionally, Tubzz installs safety features that keep water from spilling onto the floor. We can also add a small set of steps to help you get in the tub.

Choose from our extensive selection of soaking tubs in Utah. Whether you’re looking for a tub that would fit a vintage-style room or a piece for a contemporary bathroom, you’ll find something from Tubzz. Take your pick from a range of neutral colors that complement any color palette. Call us today, and let’s discuss your garden tub.

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