Relaxing Whirlpool Tubs

Indulge in a Soothing Bath

Relieve tense muscles when you sink into one of our lovely whirlpool bathtubs in Utah. With built-in, powerful motors, these tubs promote both emotional and physical well-being. They give you a private massage right in the comfort of your own home, anytime — perfect after a long day of work or for quiet weekends after a busy week.
Tubzz doesn’t compromise design. We see to it that each whirlpool tub is not only functional, but also stylish.

Build your whirlpool bathtub the way you want it. Our Utah clients can choose from luxurious colors that complement any interior design. You can also select the shape and size of your choice. Is it just for your personal use? Or would you like to use it with your partner or kids? Contact us, and we’ll build a customized unit.

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