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Tips for Choosing the Right Bathtub Style

As your go-to luxury bathtub provider in Utah, we at Tubzz are proud to provide a huge variety of tub styles and models for you to choose from. From stand-alone options from several name brands to walk-in, corner and many custom tub options, there’s no kind of tub we can’t help you acquire for an affordable price.

Maybe the most common single question we’re asked by our clients: Which tub type is right for me? Your choice here will come down to the space you have available, the materials you prefer, and a few other important comfort factors. Let’s look at several of our bathtub styles and determine which might be right for your next tub purchase.

Traditional (Rectangular)

A look that’s over two centuries old is the traditional, classic bathtub theme. It’s generally available in a rectangular shape that most of us are familiar with, with varying options in terms of the pegs or items that connect it to the floor. In most cases, traditional bathtubs are longer than they are wide, and require a bit more space available than some of the other alternatives we’ll look at below.


Another style that’s a bit more modern and is gaining huge popularity in recent years is the freestanding bathtub, also known as a stand-alone option. These tubs are fantastic for those who don’t have tons of space available – they don’t need connecting walls to be installed properly, meaning they can fit into any space that’s physically large enough for them with no issue.

In addition, stand-alone bathtubs are great from a design standpoint. They provide a visual centerpiece for the bathroom, compared to many other tub types that are mostly just complements. They also tend to be priced relatively favorably compared to other options.


Oval bathtubs are round and symmetrical, almost like a larger version of a water basin. They’re most commonly seen in areas like apartments or condos where saving space is important, but they come with a modern look that’s raising their popularity in some newer homes as well. If your bathroom space has sharper corners or edges, the oval tub is a good contrast to consider.


Similar in some ways to a hot tub, corner tubs are perfect for relaxation and soaking. They’re the larger versions of what are called alcove tubs, which are installed in a recess of connecting walls. Corner tubs are often used for professional forms of therapy.


For those who require some assistance with getting in and out of the tub, or want to avoid risks of slipping or falling, the walk-in tub is a great choice. They generally come with grab bars or notches to allow for easy balance, and are common for seniors or those with movement issues.

For more on which bathtub to choose for your home, or to learn about any of our custom bathtub options, speak to the staff at Tubzz today.



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