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Tubs and Connecting With all Five Senses

Most of us have heard of the five senses: hearing, sight,smell, taste and touch. For those of us lucky enough to have access to all five, we likely spend very little time thinking about whether we’re utilizing each properly – but in reality, many of us are “under-sensed” and could take steps to both fine-tune and increase the impact of our various senses.

At Tubzz, we’re here to tell you about one such step that you may not have considered before: Bathing. Our custom hydrotherapy bathtubs have elements that hit all five senses, helping stimulate them and improve your mood all in the same process. Let’s look at some of the benefits a tub soak can bring to each of the five major senses.


While soaking in a tub doesn’t necessarily heighten your hearing on its own, the combination of your soak and other audio elements are what really do the trick here. A soaking bath is a great time to relax and drown out the common noises of the day, from computer keys typing to cars driving on the road. Many people find major relief from stress by relaxing and focusing on pleasant sounds like birds singing or running water.

In addition, you can consider complementing your bathing experience with soothing music. Music has shown direct connections to stress reduction, and this effect combined with the relaxation of our jetted tubs can go a long way.


Again, the tub itself won’t directly improve or sharpen your eyesight just by sitting in it. Rather, it’s the way you complement this with visual elements, such as changing the lighting in your bathroom to meet various mood or relaxation goals. Some people also look to additional relaxing visuals,such as certain phone apps specifically designed to accompany bathing.


Fragrance is a huge part of bathing for many people, and our tubs offer numerous opportunities to infuse aromatherapy with your other benefits. Consider essential oils and other scents that will deliver the ambiance you’re going for. Many people also use candles or other aroma-generators to set the mood for the entire bathing experience.


The bathtub is a perfect time to add anti-oxidants to the body, as it’s a period when several areas respond very well to them. One good tactic here is exciting the taste buds with fruits like strawberries,pineapple, blueberries and other super-foods – these add tons of antioxidants while also making the bathing experience that much more pleasurable. You can also consider sipping iced tea or something like a San Pellegrino to sharpen the taste buds.


Touch is perhaps the element that your tub can impact the most, from the jets to the high temperatures and the way they soothe aches and pains. Try out various different jet combinations with your tub to figure out what feels best for you and helps relieve any pain or stress areas – you can even consider reflexology if you regularly bathe with a partner. For more on how a great tub can impact all five of your senses, or to learn more about any of our luxury bathtubs, speak to the pros at Tubzz today.



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