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The NorthStar Indoor and Outdoor Series' offer versatile sauna experiences perfect for personal wellness spaces in both indoor and outdoor configurations. These saunas boast Nordic White Spruce interiors and exteriors complemented by Abachi or similar white wood for the benches, backrests, heater guards, and duckboards. These models feature in-backrest lighting, all-glass doors, and SL2-WiFi control. The outdoor series includes all the indoor features plus a durable metal roof kit, ensuring longevity and protection against the elements. Available sizes range from 48x48x80" to 60x84x84", with heater options varying from 1.7 to 6 kW. Crafted in Minnesota, the NorthStar Series seamlessly combines functionality and style, making it a fitting addition to any home seeking the luxury of a sauna.

SpecificationsDimensions: Custom

Heater: Custom

Wood Options: Nordic White Spruce w/ Abachi Backrests

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