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Our saunas elevate any personal wellness room, relaxation sanctuary, or other indoor space to reach their full potential. Start customizing your indoor sauna today.

Our Collection of Indoor Saunas

Twilight sauna

Custom-Cut Sauna

Our custom-cut saunas allow you the opportunity to build a unique sauna permanently into your home according to your personal preferences. Choose your wood type, heater, lighting, audio capabilities, and more. No matter the size of your space or originality of your plans, we've got a custom-built sauna solution for you.

Centurion Kit

The Centurion sauna merges Finnish tradition with modern technology, featuring Taika wood and Canadian Hemlock, a 3-bar backrest, LED lighting, and an all-glass front for a spacious feel. Equipped with a Himalaya 7.0kW heater and SaunaLogic2 Wi-Fi control, it's customizable for indoor/outdoor use, perfect for any wellness space.

Vita Kit

The Vita sauna, compact yet luxurious, fits perfectly in smaller spaces with its 63” dimensions and glass-to-glass corner for openness. Featuring luxury backrests, LED lighting, and a two-tone design of Canadian Hemlock and European Alder, it's ideal for any wellness room, indoor or outdoor.

Sisu Kit

The Sisu sauna series excels in customization for both private and public use. It's adaptable for indoor or outdoor setups and is ideal for wellness rooms. It features Abachi wood for comfort, with options for deluxe interiors and special doors, offering flexibility in size and design.

Solace Kit

The Solace sauna merges luxury with communal wellness, featuring platform-style benches and all-glass fronts for socializing. Crafted from Nordic White Spruce and equipped with advanced heating and color therapy lighting, it's customizable for indoor or outdoor use, ideal for any wellness room.

NorthStar Kit

The NorthStar Series offers both indoor and outdoor sauna experiences, featuring Nordic White Spruce and Abachi wood, in-backrest lighting, all-glass doors, and Wi-Fi control. Outdoor models include a metal roof for durability. With sizes from 48x48x80" to 60x84x84" and heaters up to 6 kW, it's ideal for any wellness space.

Twilight sauna

Twilight Kit

The Twilight Sauna combines luxury and modern design with features like a glass-to-glass corner, LED lighting, and a two-tone wood finish. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use, it offers customization including infrared heating for a personalized wellness experience.

Find Your New Indoor Sauna

Discover the ultimate indoor oasis at the Tubzz showroom, where our exquisite collection of indoor saunas is designed to transform any home into a sanctuary of serenity and wellness. Our indoor saunas provide a private retreat where you can unwind, detoxify, and recharge in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Whether nestled in a bathroom, integrated into a fitness room, or creating a dedicated relaxation space, our saunas are crafted with the highest quality materials and advanced features to ensure your experience is nothing short of luxurious.

From the rich, aromatic woods like Canadian Hemlock and Western Red Cedar to innovative heating options including traditional, infrared, and steam, each sauna is a masterpiece of design and functionality. With customizable lighting, sizes, and styles, our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through selecting and personalizing your indoor sauna, ensuring it perfectly fits your space and lifestyle.

Embrace the warmth, health, and relaxation benefits of owning an indoor sauna. Visit Tubzz today and let us help you find the ideal addition to your wellness journey, creating a space where you can relax, rejuvenate, and escape the everyday.

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